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Keep Your New Resolution Of Being Fit Alive With Active Arena This Women’s day!

Women, women, women! Women are the bravest multi taskers we know. We handle family, children, life, work and ourselves. That is indeed a handful. But, to be really brave we need to be fit. Women due to the stress of work, family and children often tend to ignore their health and fitness. Health, fitness and exercise are not about looking good all the time, they are more about being ready and fit to fight more of life’s challenges, multitask more and and at the same time handle more of the tasks that pile on our heads. This Women’s day we at Active Arena think that it is time women would take up the initiative and assist themselves to get out more off their routine lives that they live for others and add a bit more to their life for themselves.

We at Active Arena do not feel life is all about strenuous exercise or about jogging for a million kilometers. Sports and active lifestyle are about the way we live and the activities we pursue in life. Ut is not about the yoga, pilates or th aerobics classes we go to sweat some toxins out but the daily tasks that we do to unwind our body, mind and soul. This could mean to book badminton court for a fun team match with friends, an archery class for some excitement in life, a foosball game to get the body moving, or an indoor basketball game or a game at the volleyball courts with colleagues after work. Let us give you some more ideas we have here with us. Introducing ourselves we are the number one sporting and entertainment facility with the best indoor, outdoor sports and other virtual and adventure gaming facilities right under one roof. We have the highest zipline run here in the city of Bengaluru while also having best adventure sporting facilities and huge grounds to give on rent for a game with your girlfriends. We have virtual reality and games for all those women who love their video games. While you can enjoy football, volleyball, basketball and badminton you can also enjoy a game of paintball on Women’s day. We also give our space on rent for events and activities incase you want to organize any women’s day related activities,events or parties. We offer all of this and daily membership packages to pursue and even offer training at highly concessional rates. So, this women’s day shun way your lazy self and say hi to your new self. It is high time to start living for yourself, the rest can wait but not your life. Live your life now and do it well by leading a healthy life with us partnering you at Active Arena,

Call us at our office and know about the offers and schemes we have on right now. You can also come over and visit our facilities anytime soon. Located right here in Marathahalli we can be your health and fitness partners for a long time to come.

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