Kids Birthday Party Package

Weekday: Rs. 449 per kid - Weekend: Rs. 499 per kid - Free for adults

All of the below and more...

  • Kids Play Area with 7 games

  • Adventure Sports Lower Level

  • Music System

  • Microphone

  • Dedicated Party Co-ordinator

  • Event Movie (Short)

  • Themed e-Invite

  • Fix balloons & decoration

  • 2 Tables for birthday cake & gifts

  • Free Active Arena gift vouchers

What makes birthday parties exciting at Active Arena...

Engagements for Guests

Kids play are is housed inside indoor sports arena which has a number of attractions for guests such as VR games, Shooting, Snooker/Pool, Foosball etc.

Extra Large Space

Active Arena has a sprawling 75,000 sq. ft. campus with a lot of space to move and engage in sporting activities along with ample parking spaces.

Kids Play Area

The main attraction for birthday parties is our “Kids Play Area”, which includes a number of rides, activities, games and is very popular among kids of the age group 1-10.

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