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Experience Flying Boeing 737 Only At Active Arena

Who doesn’t like to fly high up in the sky? As children most of us thought of becoming pilots but with a waning childhood we realise it is not so easy to become a pilot afterall. We give up on the hope to fly but well not everytime do we need to give up on hope. We at Active Arena can help you get the feeling of flying a Boeing,well, if not the real but at least a virtual one. Thinking how?


Active Arena in Bangalore located in Marathahalli is a sports and entertainment facility for all age groups. Amongst the scores of activities we have for your entertainment we also have a flight simulator. The airplane simulator will indeed give a feeling of flying a Boeing 737. The controls are manual and you, with a trained instructor have the option of taking off and landing from 20,000 airports across the globe with varying weather conditions while watching the lovely view of the city under your wings. The levels are from easy to difficult and you can enjoy the level that suit your past experience, if any. Our adult guests enjoy the flight 4 fantasy and have become regulars. The instructor with you will help you start off and train you even if you are an ammature. Active Arena is the only sports and entertainment facility that offers this flight simulator in Bangalore. We housing this at Active Arena, have been in operation since the past two years and have become the number one recreational facility across all age groups. We have score of activities and facilities that include indoor games, outdoor games, and adventure games. We also help our guest host sports parties. We in fact, of late, have also become a really popular party destination with our grand banquet facilities that help you host your dream party with sports themes or otherwise. You can also book our facilities for a match with your friends. We also offer some of the best packages and rates across all facilities for parties and other sporting events. We have great food in our facility to go along with your sporty day with us. We have a cafe that serves delightful snacks and food and we also have a lassi centre that is quite popular amongst all our guests for chilled drink after a sweaty sport. .  


Nowadays, most of us are stuck at work for long hours with little option to move around and exercise while children lead a life playing at homes on mobiles and watching videos on tablets. It’s time we move around a bit more, make life fun and venture out to make our muscles move. We have regulars who come after office each day for a tennis or football match while we also have regular weekenders who come over for indoor games like an airplane simulator that catches their fancy. Just call us or visit our website to know more about facilities and memberships options if you would like to use any! Call us anytime.

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