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Cricket Simulator – the best in Bangalore now at Active Arena!

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City lives can get monotonous and boring. To add a little spice and fun to it we should do more fun activities with our families but rarely do we get a chance to do so. When we think of going out we start thinking of the budget and get disappointed with our inability to afford a trip. Children especially need a little more excitement and as parents only you can do that by taking them out. We at Active Arena in Bangalore are an entertainment and sports facilities spread over two acres and we aim to provide recreational activities, indoor, outdoors and even a cafe for some yummy treats while you and your children play. Our facility is not alone for the entertainment of children, we also offer facilities and all types of playing equipment and areas for adults as well. We also offer coaching activities if you or your child would like to learn a new sport. We are one of the best sports centres in Bangalore and our cricket simulator facility is one of the one most popular and packed facility at any point in time.

Cricket Simulator

Indoor cricket is fun too! Hear about it from fans of the cricket simulator in Active Arena. We have a sprawling field for a virtual reality of cricket play. Wondering what a cricket simulator game looks like? Well, its grass field indoor with a huge screen for live play. Yes, we have players and bowlers from Ranji Trophy players who can bowl hard and soft balls while you bat wicketed on the the other corner. Bowling speed can range from 60kmph to 145 kmph depending on your skills at batting and your comfort levels in handling the speed of the ball. Our Ranji Trophy bowlers offer all kinds of bowling, in-swing, out-swing and off-spin.If you think this sounds fake enough for your to not enjoy it then you must know an awesome real feel with real emotions is created to make you feel like you are playing right off the professional pitch.

All age groups can play this game except for very young children who could hurt themselves with the speed of the ball. Away fromt the nuisances of the outdoor weather of sunshine or rain you and your friends can enjoy a good and healthy game of cricket right here in our facility. This is not it we have much more to offer.

We also have a play area with play equipments for your children to play in while you indulge yourself in some other sport. Other indoor activities include badminton, table games, shooting etc. Outdoor activities include more active games like football, throwball, volleyball, basketball, adventure sports facilities and other fun games like zipline. We also have a cafe in-house that serves some delicious snacks and food. We also have a Lassi centre in-house that serves some of the best Lassi in Bangalore.

The next time you are bored in Bangalore visit us and explore the different opportunities to pass time in an active and healthier way at Active Arena.

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