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Bangalore’s Highest & Longest Zipline is here!

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Everyone needs an adrenaline rush once in awhile. But, sometimes we don’t even have time to add more fun to our own lives.Family children, work, they all keep piling chores on our heads and we don’t even leave on time from work to enjoy a good work-life balance. However, we at Active Area here located in the Marathahalli in Bengaluru are one of the largest sports and entertainment facility offering just a  little bit of adventure for your lonesome and monotonous life. We are spread over acres and have been in operation for a couple of years. We offer different activities for the young and old, we also offer training and coaching class for all ages along with activities for entertainment to satisfy your urge for excitement and adventure through sports.

Right in the heart of the city of Bengaluru here we have a new adventure to pump up your adrenaline. We house Bangalore’s highest and longest zipline in our premise. In our bid to give you more excitement and adventure we are here to give you an aerial view of the city. Take the zipline with us, it is the star attraction of our activities and much enjoyed by all. It is well-priced and we also offer discounts on groups if informed in advance. This zipline in bangalore is in our sports centre in bangalore. The zipline is totally safe and secure and one can ride on it without any worry of a fall. It is one of our outdoor activities amongst the others like football, basketball, cricket etc. Indoor activities include table tennis, snooker, virtual reality games, and even indoor cricket, jet simulator etc. We also have banquet facilities and our ground too can be used for events. We have a snacking facility in a small cafe while we also have lassi centre for a quick drink pre or post-game. So, there is no need to worry about food, whether you come in the morning before work or after work with a hungry tummy. If you contact our facility they will be able to tell you in advance about the packages we have for coaching of different sports. All our activities are monitored and our members are trained by specialised staff and sports experts. We also give out our facilities for tournaments to clubs, schools,associations etc. We also have packages and offer running for different sports activities and adventure sports like ziplines etc.

To make the most of it call us and visit our property. This will give you an idea about the potential that exists when it comes to sports and adventure activities right in the middle of the city. If office or home makes life dull, we sure could make it better. Either try something before or after work, you can also bring your child along and make them pursue or get them trained for a new sport and so could you, probably with them! Call us soon and know more about us by visiting our website.

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