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Are your kids glued to your phones and tablets? Get them to Active Arena and see them live life to the fullest!

Kids these days are more involved in their tablets and their gadgets busy watching videos on video channels and on social media. Do you remember watching videos when you were young? Mostly, no. We did not have any gadgets to keep us involved and neither did we have any sort of game playing on the phone and that is why kids in the olden days were more active and agile. These days kids don’t have time to look up from their gadgets and they come home from school to a day full of videos and no outdoor activity. If you too desire to make your child want to have a fun childhood like yours then we are the answer. We at Active Arena are one of the best sport centers in Bangalore and a perfect sport centre in Marathahalli. This kids sports centre in bangalore is one of a kind made to suit and cater to all the sporting needs for a perfect getaway near Marathahalli.

We have a range of lovely activities that would keep your kids busy as well as healthy. Say bye to gadgets and bring them here to us to enjoy a host of indoor and outdoor activities that they can choose from. Indoor activities include cricket, tennis, virtual games, children’s play area, jet fighter simulator, F1 car simulator and badminton. Outdoor activities include football, adventure sports, zipline, basketball, volleyball and paintball. These are just some of the many activities that we offer. We also have a special snack centre where we serve some delicious goodies that can be served up all day through for your post or pre game hunger. A lassi counter there can cool off the sweat after a fun game at any sport. Hence, what we have here at Active Arena is a complete package that is all-inclusive and is the best for any person, young or old. We also offer training services in case someone desires to learn a new sport. We offer membership packages that are hard to resist with the attractive pricing. Enrol yourself and your loved ones for a quick sport everyday, before or after work and see the difference that it makes to your life.

The closer you move towards a healthier lifestyle the sooner your children will also follow. Get them into a habit of sweating out everyday and make them learn new sports to make them happier beings. The fun way to healthier lifestyle is here and is definitely not worth the miss. Do not miss it, call us soon for more details. You can visit our facility or you can also call us to know more about the same and then come over for a quick detour of our large grounds and facilities. Do call us in to know more about our packages and a membership program. This is your chance to make it right, don’t miss it.

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