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Are you looking for an ideal place to hangout with friends or family over the weekend? Come join us at Active Arena – Bangalore’s leading sports and Entertainment Destination

When was the last time you hung out with your friends and family. Last weekend over drinks and pizzas or over a movie with kids? Yes, that what we do when we meet friends and that is what we do when we meet them only over weekends. Instead of simple meeting family and friends over the weekend why don’t you meet them here with us at Active Arena in Marathahalli. We are a sports center in Bangalore which also serves as a weekend getaway near Marathahalli. We are the biggest sports and entertainment facility in this area and the best sports centre in bangalore. We are spread over acres and offer a slew of adventure sports and entertainment activities for adults and children of all age groups.

We have indoor and outdoor sports activities like cricket, football, badminton, tennis, table tennis, lawn tennis, carom, billiards, snooker, cricket simulator, jet simulator,volleyball, basketball, and a virtual reality gaming centre. We also have specialized adventure activities like shooting, zip line, the highest in bangalore and other such fun activities that can played over our 25 acre area of fun and adventure. Just for all of those who are wondering what more we have to offer you may like to know that we have a eatery serving delicious snacks and other eatables that can be enjoyed before or after play from work. At the same time we have lassi centre for a chilled healthy drink before or after your favourite play. We also have a kids play area for those parents who want to pursue a sport leaving their children in our care. We also offer coaching for all the sports activities mentioned above. All of these are offered at great prices and packages and are delivered by some the best coaches in the field. We have banquet hall that we offer for birthday parties and weddings. We host many birthday parties with sports theme and children love it. Adult Soft hire our grounds for a favorite sports match with friends. You can come over and see our facility and decide which sport you would like to pursue. Our guides here can help you around, show you the facilities and you can decide from some the premium packages we have to make sports and adventure more affordable for all here in Bengaluru.

This is the time and we at Active Arena are giving you the perfect opportunity for you to make the most of this offer and make the most of our packages so that you can enjoy your life and live it to the fullest and get back to your favorite sport which you left due to work or due to family responsibilities. Make your children play and love sports just like you did when you were a child and make them learn a new sport each month. Come and visit us soon!

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