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This Summer let your Kids Have A Great Holiday Time Only At Summer Camp By Active Arena

Summer has arrived and kids after their exams and results are now looking forward to starting the new academic year with some rest and fun from the daily school chores and study life. This summer we urge parents from the region of Bengaluru to open up their mind and their eyes to this new sporting camp we at Active Arena are starting off this summer. This camp is called Sporthood-Summer Camp. We are trying to make parents aware about how instead of letting their kids sit by the entire day watching television and tablets they instead push them to enrol for these fun summer camps that will keep them active and will help them learn something new, a new sport. This will not only help them stay fit and healthy, it will also help them in their overall growth and development. As parents we often become a little lackadaisical about our children and their schedule and keeping them active is our responsibility whatsoever. They are never going to know anything about it, as they are kids. This summer camp in Bangalore, summer camp near marathahalli is the fun and happening thing this summer. Let us give you some more details,

Sporthood-The summer camp conducted by Active Arena is located in the premises of Active Areas near Bangalore in Marathahalli. The camp concentrated on training from monday to fridays are avaialble in morning and evening batchesor time flexibility. There are leagues on saturdays and sundays and trainings and all activities partaken are offered for two, four or six weeks. The learning is a fun experience from 30 qualified coaches who can teach any kind of sporting activity. Our range of sporting activities include indoor and outdoor sports along with adventure play and virtual reality which gives anyone ample variety to partake. No one can get bored once on our premise. We are also givign  merit based certificates for the coaching undertaken while at the same time we also offer more conducive facilities like snack boxes of nutritional meals post play to replenish dropped energy levels coupled with economic pickup and drop facilities for all those working parents who can’t really afford the daily shuffle and traffic of bangalore to help their children lead healthy lives. All this and more is available at highly affordable rates and when health comes at such good prices then thinking twice is not required at all.

So, check your children’s vacation start dates, ask your children which sport they would like to learn this summer and come along visit us to enrol them in this camp. Also, don’t forget that we are offering the facilities of training coaching and play to adults as well. So, while your child plays you too canlearn and play something new, if you have the time. So, don’t waste time and the precious growing years of your child, help them enjoy their summers this year in a different with us at Active Arena. We are here to help you, you can call us or even visit our facilities.

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