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Host Your Next Office Outing Event At Active Arena!

Most of the times when we think of going out with office folks or plan a day with colleagues outside of office we think of lunch or dinner. Rarely do we think of doing something fun and adventurous. Most times we think that we should make sure that a sense of professionalism is maintained but at the same time it is a must that we think beyond the limited radars of office behavior while maintaining that sense of control in our socialising with office friends. Hence, we at Active Arena located in Marathahalli would like to introduce to you to a novel way of working out an office outing that will give this much needed impetus to the daily grind of office-home-office.  

About Us

Active Arena is a sports centre in bangalore in Marathahalli. We are located very close to the main city of bangalore and have a huge space for 25 acres to spare for every kind of indoor and outdoor sports facility that you could possibly think of. We are perfect for anyone, old or young who would like to pursue any kind of sports activity and keep themselves active in some way or the other. All office goers lead a very unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. So, here it out for all of you who are planning to take your office folks out for an office outing in our sports centre in marathahalli.

Indoor activities we offer include virtual reality games, badminton, indoor cricket lounge, shooting, jet flight simulator, fighter jets, VR simulators, and F1 car simulators. Outdoor activities include football, adventure sports, zipline, basketball, archery, volleyball, paintball and throwball.

We also have a snack area and a lassi centre serving delicious goodies for your office folks before and after the play. We also book out ¬†grounds and give it on rent for cricket plays and football plays for large groups of people. We also have indoor activities like children’s play area no matter how old your young your child maybe they can be kept their while you pursue a sport of your choice.


Whether you are looking for a single outing for office people or you want them to get into a healthy active lifestyle mode then here is your chance to choose the best rates from our specialised packages for 2018. We have special packages at discounted rates, per activity, per hour and even per term. So in case you want to just do a few hours of party play or whether you want your office colleagues and employees to have a yearly membership that you would like to sponsor for their happy health then we have it all. Check out our website and the see the different packages that we offer at very subsidised rates to make this affair a fun and sporty thing for you. We also have specialized packages for booking for our football field and our badminton drome. Check them out.

This 2018 you can make it healthier and sportier for you and your employees at Active Arena. Call us or view our website for more details on the same.

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