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Active Arena – Bangalore’s leading sports and entertainment Centre!

City lives can get monotonous and boring. To add a little spice and fun to it we should do more fun activities with our families but rarely do we get a chance to do so. When we think of going out we start thinking of the budget and get disappointed with our inability to afford a trip. Children especially need a little more excitement and as parents only you can do that by taking them out. We at Active Arena in Bangalore are an entertainment and sports facilities spread over two acres and we aim to provide recreational activities, indoor, outdoors and even a cafe for some yummy treats while you and your children play. Our facility is not alone for the entertainment of children, we also offer facilities and all types of playing equipment and areas for adults as well. We also offer coaching activities if you or your child would like to learn a new sport. We are one of the best sports centres in Bangalore.
We offer a range of activities that you can choose from, these include,
Indoor activities we offer include virtual reality games where kids can play with more interaction and fun against the small mobiles and tabs they keep playing at home on. We also have a play area with play equipments for your children to play in while you indulge yourself in some other sport.We also offer indoor cricket and we are one of the leading and most popular cricket playing centres in Bangalore. Other indoor activities include badminton, table games, shooting etc. All these are available for you try and if you want to learn them we also offer coaching for the same.
Outdoor activities include more active games like football, throwball, volleyball, basketball, adventure sports facilities and other fun games like zipline. We have ample space for you to enjoy all these activities. We also have a cafe in-house that serves some delicious snacks and food. You can gorge on great food and mocktails after your game. We also have a Lassi centre in-house that serves some of the best Lassi in Bangalore.
We also give our facilities on rent for matches and parties. You and your group of friends can come over and have a blast playing a game of football or  volleyball. People often organise parties over a game and then cut a cake at our cafe. Depending on which game you like you can play a match at your convenience.
The next time you are bored in Bangalore visit us and explore the different opportunities to pass time in an active and healthier way. Active Arena always welcomes you, call us if you would like to know more about organising events and parties for children and friends or if you want to inquire about any sort of coaching and training for any indoor and outdoor sports at highly affordable prices. Visit us soon!

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